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Braces Off, Retainers On

There’s no greater feeling than the day your braces come off. Not only is this a celebration for your teeth, but it’s a celebration for you, your parents and lastly, your Orthodontist. However, once you get your braces off, remember that you will need to maintain those newly straightened teeth and that’s where the need for retainers comes in. Yes, you will most likely have to wear retainers all your life especially if you want to maintain your straight teeth but the good news is that because they are removable you don’t have to wear them constantly like you did braces.

There are a few things you pay attention to when getting your retainers. Number one being that you want to make sure is that your retainers fit nicely on your teeth. Along with making sure that they fit properly you also want to make sure that you wear them as suggested by your orthodontist so you prevent too much movement of your teeth.  Secondly, if you accidentally damage your retainers or you feel like they aren’t fitting your teeth properly you should speak with your orthodontist so they can repair or replace your retainers. The best way to keep your retainers safe is to place them in your care when they are not in your mouth.

One last thing you’ll want to remember when wearing retainers is when to retire them because they’ve been worn out. Some people might be able to keep their retainers for years but then there are those that might replace them often. Well, one might wonder how you can tell if you need to replace them or not but the first thing to do is to look at them. Do you notice a change in the color from when you first got your retainers? Do they appear as if they have bacteria residue on them? If you answered yes to either of these questions then it might be time to get your retainers replaced. 

Should you have any more concerns or questions about the transition from braces to retainers, please speak with your orthodontist.