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 Braces: Then & Now

Throughout the years things change, from the types of foods we eat to the technology we use. Thanks to advancements in technology, the orthodontic world has seen many great improvements as well, from oral care products we use to orthodontic appliances that are used to improve our smiles. Various orthodontic appliances have changed and improved from the way they look to the way they perform and help take care of our oral care needs. In this post we’re going to talk about how braces have changed from back in the day until now so you can get an idea of how braces have improved over the years.

Better Look – In the past, the only option for the type of braces you could choose from were metal braces. These braces were made of a stainless steel material and would attach to the front of your teeth. Nowadays you can still choose metal braces but you can have the option of getting ceramic braces as well which then allows you to choose from different colors for your brackets. In addition to metal and ceramic braces, you can also choose to have lingual braces. With lingual braces they are practically like wearing invisible braces as they are actually placed onto the back of the teeth.

Improved Performance and Less Pain – Previously, orthodontics would use stainless steel for the brackets and arch wires but now they are using nickel or copper titanium. With the previously used stainless steel material, it would require orthodontist to have to replace and tighten the wires more often because the steel material would stretch and wear out. With the new material, pressure is applied to the brackets and moves teeth using the heat from one’s mouth. In addition to getting adjusted from the temperature of your body’s heat, these metal materials are a lot stronger.

Options for Various Needs – In the past, when a person wanted to straighten their teeth, you only had the option of braces or headgears for the most part. But again, thanks to the latest advancements in technology, now you can have the option of having removable aligners and/or appliances. The benefit with removable aligners is that they are made with a clear transparent material so they go mostly unnoticed when you wear them. Imagine having your teeth straightened without anyone noticing that you’re wearing an orthodontic appliance!

As you can see, braces back then in comparison to braces now, have changed in a positive way. They look much better, they feel much better and they function better. If you were hesitant to get braces in the past well now is your chance to get them! Speak with your orthodontist so they can help you find the perfect type of braces that will help create the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.