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Celebrating Halloween Indoors During COVID

Are you and your family looking for fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween indoors during COVID-19? Well, look no further because we’ve put together a list of ideas for you and your family to be able to have a nice Halloween together in the comfort of your own home.

– Host a virtual costume party with family and friends.

– Halloween Movie Marathon with candy, popcorn, and soda! (

– Get the family together and bake some spooky and delicious Halloween treats!

– Visit a pumpkin patch so that you and the family can carve and decorate pumpkins together.

– Decorate the inside and the outside of your home with Halloween decorations.

– Find out if your town or city is hosting a drive-thru Halloween event.

– Scavenger Hunt (hide candy around the house for your kids to find).

– Decorate face masks together.

– Tell Scary Stories to each other in the dark with a flashlight.

– Make a Halloween Pinata together and have fun!

Hopefully, this list will help get your Halloween off to a great start! Hope you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween!