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Cut Down Your Energy Costs with These Tips!

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day falls on January 10 which is a great day to start being more aware of how much energy you’re using on a daily basis. Follow the tips listed below so you can start reducing your electricity bill if you need help getting started. 

  • While walking around your house pay attention to any devices that are plugged in and if you don’t seem to be using them then just unplug and put them away. 
  • Using dimmer switches so you can have control over the power of the light in rooms is a great way to save energy. This way you’re not using extra light if you can get direct light from the sun. 
  • Instead of tossing your clothes into the dryer after you’ve washed them, opt for hanging them out on a clothesline if you have the option to do so. Hanging your clothes on a line outside to dry will save you money as dryers tend to consume lots of energy.
  • Using LED lights is another great way to conserve energy especially in rooms of the house that you spend less time in. 
  • Washing your dishes by hand and letting them air dry is also another great way to use less energy, just be careful about not increasing your water bill in the process. 
  • When winter rolls around, we all want to stay warm so the heater is usually on at high temperatures. Rather than turning up the heat in the house, make use of sweaters and blankets to help keep you warm.
  • In the summertime, many of us use the AC but just as the heater consumes energy during the winter, the AC will do the same in the summer. If possible, trying installing ceiling fans so the air can flow around the house or use portable fans. 
  • If you and your family are out most of the day, then remember to turn off all appliances, especially the thermostat and the lights in the house. This will be the biggest help in reducing your electricity bill.