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Fun Indoor Games for Families!

Even though it is summer time, there might be times when your children will want to stay inside or the weather could change which then forces your kids to stay inside. However, if you have a list of fun indoor games for children then you and your children will be able to enjoy being indoors! Check out this list of fun ideas of fun indoor games.

Scavenger Hunt – Hide random items around and create a list of the items you’ve hidden and have your children go on a hunt to find them.

Musical Chairs – This is a fun game to get everyone in your family active by dancing around chairs plus you even get to play some fun music!

Charades – If you’re family enjoys acting then this is the perfect game to play. With charades, you can act out various things such as movies, famous people and even animals.

Board Games – Who doesn’t love board games? Some classic board games you can play are Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Scrabble and Candyland.

Twister – A perfect game to get the whole family active and stretching! Plus you might even be able to count this game as part of your workout, that’s if you play it long enough at least.

Puzzles – Do you think your family is up for completing a puzzle? You can make creating puzzles even more fun by getting a puzzle with 100+ pieces and make it more challenging by setting a timer. If you have enough people you can make teams and whichever team completes the puzzle when the timer goes off can win a prize.

Movies – Yes we know this isn’t a game but movie time is a great way to get the family together! You can make movie night even more fun by making popcorn, ice cream sundaes, nachos or even delicious smoothies.

Hopefully, this list of fun indoor games for families will help you and your family enjoy the day inside without getting bored. Enjoy game day!