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Going Back to Work After the Holidays

Going back to work after the Holidays can be the most difficult thing to do especially if you’ve just come back from a vacation or if you’ve had two weeks off from work. However, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. If you follow the tips listed below you might be able to conquer that first day back at work after the holidays.


  • Coming back into the office can mean lots of catching up to do with work but if you prioritize your work then you should be able to tackle the day ahead of you. Make sure to keep the urgent tasks at the top of your list and keep the rest for the rest of the week.
  • Try and go to work earlier than usual so you have a little more time to play catch up on work. Plus you’ll get some quiet time to finish up some work before the rest of your office comes in and starts the holiday chatter. Also, if you come early then you reward yourself and maybe hit the road early and head home!
  • Get ready for work ahead of time, possibly the day before. You don’t want to have to worry about getting things ready for work in the morning because if you end up sleeping in then you’ll be rushing out the door and might end up forgetting important. If you get everything ready the night before then even if you sleep in you won’t have to worry as much and you might even be able to enjoy a nice sit-down breakfast.
  • It’s the new year and you’ve probably made some personal goals for yourself but it might be a good idea to make some new work goals or any kind of change at work that you might feel would benefit you and help you to do better.
  • It might be difficult to sit at work for a full day especially when you’ve just gotten back from holidays so plan an outing for lunchtime. Rather than sitting at your desk for lunch maybe go out with friends or get some co-workers together and grab lunch together. This way you can enjoy a nice outing as well as catch up on the holiday talk with everyone.
  • If you can do so with getting your work done and not disturbing anyone, then play some music to help you push through the day.

Good luck with your first day back at work! Happy New Year! Let’s make this year the best ever!