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Indoor Activities for the Family During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Is the Coronavirus Pandemic forcing you and your family to stay indoors? Are you looking for some indoor activities that your family can enjoy doing together? Well, look no further because we’ve provided you with a list of fun ideas for you and your family to make this time together more fun and enjoyable.

  • Card Games | Board Games | Puzzles
  • Movies. Don’t forget the popcorn! ( )
  • Indoor Hopscotch (instead of using chalk to draw the outline, use masking tape)
  • Hide & Seek
  • Treasure/Scavenger Hunt
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Charades
  • Dance! (If your family is up for the challenge, learn a new style of dance together)
  • Make a fort out using chairs and blankets and pretend you’re going camping
  • Baking & Cooking. Bake foods like cakes, cookies, and pies. Cook meals together from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

Enjoy these fun indoor activities with your family and friends and stay safe during this time.