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Starting Braces During the Summer

Are you and your family staying local this summer break? If so, then it might be the perfect time for starting braces during the summer for your child. Not only will getting braces this summer be great for your child but it might just be convenient for you too!

Thanks to most people being away during the summer, having your child go for orthodontic treatment during the summer is a great time. With school being out and most people out of town, it gives you more flexibility to schedule your child’s orthodontic appointments. You can schedule orthodontic appointments in the morning or the afternoon rather than having to have your child miss class or go after school.

Another great reason to start your child’s braces treatment over the summer break is that it allows them to be able to get accustomed to life with braces. Plus with getting braces during the summer, it allows you to get used to brushing and cleaning your mouth, new eating habits, getting used to wearing braces around people, as well as the pain. Should you and your child have questions or concerns about how to clean with braces or what they can eat while wearing braces, it would be best to speak with your orthodontist so they could advise you.

Yes, getting your braces can be a difficult thought to process because everyone likes to enjoy the holidays without being in pain or having restrictions, however, if you get your child braces done at an early age it can be better off for them in the long run. One summer with braces isn’t too bad compared to several summers of more complex orthodontic treatments. If you and your child are hanging out locally this summer then consider braces so that they can enjoy a future with beautiful, healthy summer smiles!