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It’s the beginning of the year which means most of us are trying to shed off all the weight we gained during the holidays. Read the post to find out some tips on how you can get your new years diet off to a good start!

Sticking and Following a Diet Plan – Create a diet plan that you feel will fit your needs and will be easy for you to follow. Choose foods that you like but remember to make sure that you’re choosing foods that have health benefits. Create a meal plan for the week and decide what you’ll be having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One thing you might also want to do is to change what you’re eating from day to day so that you don’t get bored of eating the same foods over and over.

Keeping Track of Your Diet Plan – While going about your diet, be sure to keep a journal so you can record your progress. You can include your weight from the time when you started or you can record the type of exercise you did for a specific day.

Reward Yourself – Going on a diet can be a challenge for many people and that’s why it is important that you give yourself a reward. If you’re able to go a full week with eating healthy and sticking to your diet plan then maybe at the end of the week treat yourself to a small slice of cake or a piece of chocolate.

Make Sure to Exercise – In addition to dieting, it’s important that you include exercise. One might think that just changing your diet will help lose weight but it’s important that you get some physical movement in your body. Not only does exercising help along with dieting but by exercising you’ll notice a change in the overall you.

Buddy System – If you feel like dieting might be a challenge for you then ask a family member or friend or co-worker to diet with you so that you both can push each other.

Good luck with the New Year and remember: New Year New You!