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Teeth Brushing for Kids

When should you start teeth brushing for kids? How can you make brushing fun for them? If you’ve been pondering over these questions then don’t worry as this post will provide you with all the information you need about teeth brushing for kids.

When should your kid(s) start brushing their teeth?

When your baby’s first teeth come in you’ll have to do the job of cleaning their teeth, preferably¬†with a soft cloth and be sure to clean all around the tooth. Once your baby becomes a toddler and more and more teeth begin to come in you can purchase and infant-sized toothbrush which consists of a small head and soft bristles. After some time has passed you can start your kid off with a fluoride-free toothpaste, applying just a pea-size portion to the toothbrush.

What technique(s) should you use when starting your kid(s) with brushing?

How you teach your kids to brush their teeth is extremely important especially at a young age because they will most likely be the ones they use for the rest of their lives. Between the ages of 18 and 24 months, your kid(s) should finally be able to hold their own toothbrush and be able to brush their teeth with assistance from you. You’ll have to teach them how to hold the brush properly as well as how to maneuver brushing through the mouth and making sure to reach each tooth. When kids are young they don’t need to worry about flossing their teeth, but you might want to check with their dentist and find out if they need to rinse their mouth with some type of fluoride rinse.

What type of oral hygiene products should you use when your kid(s) start brushing? 

Toothbrushing for kids can be made fun by buying your kid(s) fun products to use while brushing. Rather than you choosing a toothbrush for them, why not take them with you so they can choose a toothbrush of their choice. Nowadays, kids can get toothbrushes that come in bright colors, ones that light up, ones that have their favorite cartoon characters and even ones that play music. What kid wouldn’t want to brush with all the fun, cool and stylish toothbrushes available?!

*You can reward your kid(s) for brushing by posting a calendar near their beside and for each day that they brush they get to put a sticker or draw a star on the day and either at the end of the week or the month they can get a small prize. This will definitely get your kid(s) into the good habit of brushing daily!