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The Phases of Orthodontic Treatment

Beginning orthodontic treatment can be an exciting new experience because it’s the start of treatment geared towards giving you a healthy and beautiful smile that you can be proud of! You and your teeth are about to go on a journey because orthodontic treatment is done in phases however the end result is going to make it all worth it. 

Phase 1: When you visit your orthodontist, they will examine your teeth, from the overall health of your teeth to the overall look and structure of your teeth. Your orthodontist might even examine your teeth by doing x-rays so they can get a clear and more detailed look at your teeth. By doing an x-ray it allows them to get a more detailed view of your teeth, from the jaws to your roots so they can check for any other oral care issues that might have not been clear to see without doing x-rays. After your orthodontist has examined your teeth and x-rays you will be called in for another consultation to discuss possible solutions for you. They will discuss the type of orthodontic appliances you will need to fix issues and what is most affordable for you. 

Phase 2: Once you’ve finished up with your consultation visits and decided upon the best treatment plan for you, it’s time to get started with your orthodontic treatment! Depending on if you are getting Invisalign or braces, this visit will be different. If you and your orthodontist have decided it’s best for you to get braces then it will take a couple of hours as the brackets have to be placed on each tooth and then the archwire will be placed. If you’re going with Invisalign, then your orthodontist will make a mold of your teeth so that aligners can be created for a custom fit to be placed on your teeth. Depending on whether you get braces or Invisalign, coming in for a visit will be scheduled accordingly.  

Phase 3: As your teeth begin to straighten, correcting any bite issues will be the focus. Depending on what type of bite you have, your orthodontist will make corrections as needed. Using elastics, springs or implants will help to move things along at a faster pace so that your orthodontic treatment can finish sooner rather than later. Once the braces come off, your teeth will get cleaned and you will be fitted for retainers. If you went through Invisalign, you’ll also be fitted for retainers and just like you got a mold done of your teeth to get fitted for aligners, a similar process will be done for retainers. 

Phase 4: After braces and Invisalign it is time for retainers so that all the months of wearing braces and aligners don’t change the positioning of your teeth. Once your orthodontist has given you retainers, they’ll discuss with you caring for them as well as how to utilize them. It’s extremely important that you remember to wear your retainers during this time as much as possible so that all your months of wearing braces or aligners don’t seem like a waste in the end. Also, remember that if your retainers stop fitting you,then you should call your orthodontist so that they can figure out the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Be sure to take care of your teeth during your entire orthodontic treatment so that you can get the end results you’ve been imagining. This means that you need to practice good oral hygiene as well as watch what you’re eating. The best way for you to have a successful orthodontic treatment is to follow the instructions your orthodontist has provided you with.