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Things To Notice When Your Braces Come Off

Are you getting your braces off soon? You and your teeth must be super excited! Before you get your braces off check out this post about things to notice when your braces come off. If you read this post before you get your braces off then you’ll be prepared and won’t be surprised if your orthodontist tells you about any of these issues.

Calluses – If you’ve been wearing metal braces then one of the things you’ll notice when you first get your braces off is a patch of hard skin or tissue known as calluses. Due to your brackets brushing up against the inside of your lips, the metal brackets might have scratched the area causing the calluses to form. Don’t fret though because over time the area will heal and the calluses will be gone.

Even Teeth – Once your braces are off you’ll see even teeth and a beautiful smile that is braces free!

Eating – Due to the fact that you’ve had metal brackets in your mouth for several months that have altered the way you eat in addition to what you foods you eat, you’ll feel a bit strange when eating for the first time without braces. A lot of the foods that you couldn’t eat while wearing braces are now probably the foods that you can’t wait to take a bite of.

Brushing & Flossing – You can finally brush and floss all your teeth! No more having to maneuver through all the brackets and miss certain teeth and areas of your mouth. Brushing and flossing should be super easy once the braces come off!

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate getting your braces off! Indulge in your favorite sweets and snacks but remember to brush your teeth after you’ve treated your teeth to something delicious. You should be proud of yourself for completing your orthodontic treatment successfully! Congrats!