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Tips for Kids Going Back to School With Braces

It’s that time of the year where kids are going back to school. For some kids it might be exciting, but if your child has braces, it can be stressful. Here is a list of tips to help them have a successful first day and a happy school year.

Oral Kit – This is probably the most important item your kid will need at school while wearing braces. The basic things that you’ll want to include in this kit are: wax, some type of floss or a tool for flossing (maybe one that is specifically designed for braces), toothbrush, toothpaste, compact mirror (kids can check if they’ve gotten food stuck between their brackets), and lip balm. With this oral kit, they can either store it in their backpacks or their lockers, that way if they have any kind of emergency they’ll have the kit handy.

Lunch – When preparing lunch for your kids at home you want to make sure that whatever you’re packing for them is braces friendly or else your kid could run into problems. You want to make sure that in addition to packing food that it is healthy, it will also be easy for them to eat and won’t damage their braces or hurt their teeth. For example, rather than giving them a whole apple to eat, slice it into bite-size pieces. Also, avoid packing your kids anything that is sticky or super chewy as it could get stuck to their braces. The softer the food, the better it is for kids wearing braces.

Positivity – Yes, your kids might be unhappy, or nervous about going back to school with braces but assure them that they are not alone. They may think that they are the only ones going back to school with braces but there could be several other kids who are going to school with braces and feeling the same exact way as your child. One way to get your kids in a more positive mood is by telling them something encouraging. For example, you could tell them this: “Having braces at an early age means when you’re a grown adult you’ll have such a beautiful smile. You’ll have healthy, straight teeth and not have to worry about braces ever again.”

Mouthguard – The best way to prevent injury during gym classes while ensuring proper oral health is to bring a mouthguard along to class; there are special mouthguards constructed specifically to be worn with braces and can save kids from a lot of pain or serious injury.

Using these tips, each child can go back to school knowing that their smile and confidence won’t be negatively affected by braces. Have a great year!