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Working From Home with Kids

Are both you and your kids staying home together during the Coronavirus Pandemic? Do you have to work from home while your kids study from home? Learn some tips on how to work from home while your kids are at home with you.

Tip #1 – Schedule: The best way to get into the groove of working from home with your kids is to create a schedule for both you and your kids. A great way to do this is to pretend as if you would be going to work and your kids would be going to school. Wake up, get ready, have breakfast and get into that study and work mode. If you want to you can even have kids dress up as if they were going to school and you can dress up as if you’re going to work but then again why not enjoy life in pajamas! When making the daily schedule, making sure to schedule times for breaks and snacks for both you and your kids.

Tip #2 – Heads Up to Your Team: If you have kids and you know that they might be around or distract you at any given time, be sure and let your boss and team know ahead of time. This way everyone you work with will know in advance and hopefully won’t mind as much and be a bit more understanding of the current situation at home. This would be also helpful so that your team can work with you to schedule virtual meetings that are more convenient for you.

Tip #3 – Give Your Kids a Heads Up: Just as you let your boss and team know that your kids around, it’s a good idea to let your kids know that there will times when you might be wrapped up with your work. If you have to set up some boundaries such as closing a door while you’re in a meeting or putting a sign on your door that says “do not disturb” then do so. Of course, it would even be a better idea to let your kid know in advance that you’ll be on a call so that they also know not to disturb you. If your kids are too young to understand, then find something that you know will keep them occupied and distracted such as putting on a movie they like or letting them play with their favorite toys.

Tip #4 – Time for Break: It’s important that you and your kids take breaks in between all the studying and working. Whether it’s taking a break to eat lunch, eat a snack or even just some stretching your body, make sure you take breaks. You can take 10 minute breaks every hour or 30-minute breaks, whatever works best for your family.

Tip #5 – Taking Shifts with a Spouse or Partner: If you have a spouse or partner to help out with taking care of the kids then split the time that you watch them. For example, one of you can take the morning shift and watch the kids while the other one gets all their work done and then during the afternoon you can alternate. This way you both have that quality time to be with the kids and watch them while the other one focuses on work.

Hopefully, these tips will help you while you work from home with your kids. Stay healthy and stay safe.