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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family

How are you and your family planning on spending Valentine’s Day this year? Are you looking for some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day together? Well, look no further because we’ve given you some ideas in this blog.

Arts and Crafts – Get out the paper, the string, the scissors, the tape, the paint, the glue and anything else you might need to have a fun night in with arts and crafts! You can create just about anything, from jewelry to handmade cards. Or if you want to cherish memories together, then put those memories together and create a scrapbook!

Spread the Love – Spending time together as a family is precious, however, spending valentine’s day with people who don’t have anyone is a wonderful thing for your family to do. For example, stop by a senior center and spend time with the senior residence whether it’s playing a game of cards, talking about life, watching a movie together or reading their favorite book to them.

Cooking Time – Rather than going out for dinner, why not get the whole family together and cook a nice meal together.  You can even try and make some heart-shaped dishes too, like pizza or any heart-shaped desserts.

Show Appreciation – You can show your appreciation to members of your community by baking some sweets and dropping them off, perhaps to your local fire station, a religious house of worship, or a senior center.

Remember that Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be celebrated with just one special person, it can be with family, friends, or even perfect strangers. The important thing is to share the love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your families.